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The Co-op

The co-op is built on a business model based upon the equality of roles and upon a shared decision-making process. As such, each member is involved in the development and direction of the organization. From this flows an active participation of each member in all spheres of the company, as well as teamwork based on collaboration, not competition. Free from external pressures, the co-op’s members can give full reign to their creativity and curiosity.

The members of 1-20MÉDIA worker co-op prize human contact and are dedicated to nurturing relationships of trust with their clients. We also believe in an alternative economy — the social solidarity economy.

The Mission

The mission of 1-20MÉDIA is simple… to make each client's unique colour and well-defined identity shine by helping them give life to their ideas and concepts.

Conscious of the fact that an image carries a significan t advantage in the communication of an idea, 1-20MÉDIA is present from the conception of an idea to its realization so as to provide you with the quality tools necessary to meet your needs and objectives.

To accomplish this, we rely on our unique team of multidisciplinary creators, all guided by the same passion for visual communication. 1-20MÉDIA worker co-op was born of this common passion, enriched by the unique knowledge and experience of all its members.

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The Members
David Cormier | President/Artistic Director

David's email

A founding member of 1-20MÉDIA, David is animated by his creative passion. A gifted listener and analyst, he’s well-equipped to evaluate the particular needs of each client. With his 15 years of experience in graphic design, a diploma from the NAD Centre in 3D Design for Film and Television as well as from the Cégep de Chicoutimi in Visual Arts, he approaches the world of multimedia with an artist’s vision. With his vast experience, David embodies the spirit of 1-20MÉDIA and gives direction to the team.
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Barry Ésau | Vice-President/Graphic Designer

Barry's email

An experienced designer, Barry has been working in graphic design and marketing communications for more than 20 years. With his deep aesthetic sense, his attention to detail and his passion for typography and languages, Barry coaxes each project to perfection, whether it be a brochure, a poster, an ad or a logo. Barry is also a unapologetic idealist, convinced that every person can help change the world, starting with oneself.
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Jonathan Raby | Multimedia Designer

Jonathan's email

Since obtaining his diploma in Multimedia Integration, Jonathan has rapidly evolved in the art of website development at 1-20MÉDIA. His intense interest in the ‘Net’s future has made him an efficient problem-solver and often leads to opportunities for new and interesting projects within the co-op. His broad range of interests have made him realize the extent to which the Internet can revolutionize any industry.
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Laurier Rochon | Multimedia Designer

Laurier's email

On the verge of graduating from the Computation Arts program at Concordia University, Laurier also holds a technical diploma in Multimedia Integration. His passion for art, technology and design is mirrored by his desire to learn and master these disciplines, as well as seeing them evolve. A member of the 1-20MÉDIA co-op for many years, Laurier is a Web development junkie, has an uncontrollable obsession with details and survives on a steady intake of music and coffee.
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